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Should I Sell My Home This Summer?

While it’s already warm in North Texas, summer doesn’t officially start until Sunday, June 21. Have you already been asking yourself, “Should I sell my home this Summer”? With sales prices up (significantly), fewer homes for sale and low interest rates, this summer will offer North Texas residents the ideal climate for selling a home.…Read More

Celebrated Milestone Anniversaries

25 Year Milestone So honored to be part of the Ebby Halliday family for the past 25 years! There was a high-tea celebrating those who had recently celebrated milestone anniversaries. Here’s a pic of me with Ebby’s President & CEO, Mary Frances Burleson. The Paulette Greene Group | Ebby Halliday

Home Appraisal

What is a home appraisal? An appraisal is a written document by a Licensed Appraiser hired by your Lender you put a mortgage on a home. The Appraiser’s responsibility is to make sure the home is worth what you are paying for it and the Lender is loaning on it. It might surprise you to…Read More

Home Inspection

Home inspections provide a definite value by giving a level of objectivity in evaluating a home. When a homeowner determines the value or condition of a home, it is very difficult to separate the emotional aspects of the home from the objective inventory of features and condition. It is part of our nature to invoke…Read More

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