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Working in the luxury home price range, Carmen will find the right home for her client, or the right buyer if they are selling.

A Realtor with experience and knowledge is important, and one who has experience in buying, selling, and building homes is essential if a client wants outstanding results. Carmen Roberts is the Realtor with that experience. With over 35 years in customer service, home construction, and real estate, Carmen raises the standard for all Realtors—and she is the only choice when buying or selling a home. Carmen began her career as an entrepreneur with Steve Roberts, creating Steve Roberts Custom Builders, one of the premier homebuilders in the industry. Having worked in nearly every aspect of home construction, Carmen knows what makes a superior home. She knows what to look for, as well as what to avoid.

Carmen is the champion of homeowners. Even after the sale, she has a sense of responsibility for every client and often maintains a relationship with them for years. She loves the business and the industry, and she loves giving 100% to the home buyer or seller. If you want a Realtor who has vast experience in design, construction, and the real estate industry, you’ll want Carmen Roberts.

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