Dallas Pools 101

Dallas Pools 101 – A few maintenance tips for the hot months ahead.

Add a pool chiller in the hot months.

Glenn Bonick of Bonick Landscaping receives many requests for pool chillers in the heat of the summer. While pricey, they do work well. “The most common chiller is a heat pump that will extract the heat out of the pool and put it into the air,” he explains. Plus, the pump can also extend the swimming season by doing the reverse—pulling the heat from the air and heating up the pool.

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by Chris Plavidal
Face Off: Chlorine vs. Salt

Salt-water pools are gaining popularity due to many homeowners’ sensitivity to chlorine, but is there a trade-off? “Salt is corrosive,” Bonick explains. “This means you could experience damage on stone decks, nearby furniture, and pool equipment with exposed metal parts.” However, many still choose the salt option due to the soft nature of the water. Plus, it’s easier on hair, skin, and eyes.

Show Us Your Grill!

No outdoor patio is complete without one. get fired up with these three sleek options.

Image of Outdoor Grills

(from left to right)
Caliber Thermashell charcoal grill, $2,475/Williams Sonoma
Arteflame grill, $2,450/Frontgate
Hestan grill, from $6,549/Jackson Pottery