How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market this spring? It’s crazy out there. I’m hearing rumors of multiple, above-sale-price offers being thrown out. Houses are flying. Buyers are ready and waiting. If you’re ready to take the plunge, be sure to think about staging your home to get the maximum appeal.

Tip #1: Identify key areas the buyer is going to see upon arrival and as they walk through the door.

-Drive up appeal is important, which includes maintenance of the yard and seasonal color. Paint front door an inviting color.

-Pay special attention to the primary living areas.

Remember: Overall impression is made in the first 30 seconds

Tip #2: Establish balanced and opened areas.

-Restore space to core function. Edit or de-clutter and remove excess.

– Reposition remaining furniture to achieve balance in each space.

Remember: Let the room breathe.

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Tip #3: Define uses for hard-to-identify spaces.

-This includes large breezeways, sun porches, playrooms,  and offices.

Remember: Give the space purpose.

Tip #4: Consider all sources of lighting.

– Layer lighting to accommodate showings for different times of the day.

-Let natural light in.

-Bring in warm lighting elements into the space.

Remember: Lighting is like the sun. It creates warmth.

Tip #5: Focus on all three senses.

-Sight is a given

-Smell is the most important.  Neutralize.  Do not try to cover up.

-Sound.  Provide music appropriate for the setting.

Remember: Sound gives another dimension of livability.


~ Credit | Article from D Magazine