Top 10 Lessons to Live By

Dear Friends,

I hope your Holiday season was filled with lots of love, laughter, and those you hold dearest.   2016 ended just as quickly as it came, and while time moves too fast, the promise of another year brings me great joy.

The New Year brings resolutions and declarations and in honor of that I am sharing Ebby Halliday’s “Top Ten Lessons to Live By.” As you know, Ebby was my beloved friend and mentor and these are words of wisdom that I’ve kept close to my heart.
What I love about this list is that these bedrock principles never go out of fashion.  They are true today and they’ll be true one hundred years from now.  Ebby’s legacy was built by following this advice and I believe if you follow them, you’ll have a truly memorable 2017!

1. Don’t smoke, don’t drink, and never retire!
2. Act like a lady, work like a dog
3. Express gratitude by thanking people. “I am grateful” and “thank you” are two very important phrases.
4. A hat is a woman’s best accessory
5. Contribute to your community and do so often
6. Never stop learning.
7. The secret to success is to make people feel special. Make it real
8. If there’s a plane or a train coming to Dallas, I hope you’re on it
9. There’s never been a better time to buy or sell in D-FW
10. Do Something For Someone Every Day

God bless,

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